Monday, February 18, 2019
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VIDEO: Pat learns to be a goalie- sort of

FALL RIVER: On Friday Aug. 3, Reporter Pat Healey strapped on the goalie pads--and all the gear that comes with it--to learn a bit about being a goalie from Lucy Phillips. Phillips is a goalie...

Pen Pals meet after more than five decades of writing

ENFIELD: When Shelley Rutherford wrote a newspaper advertisement looking for a Pen Pal back in 1961, she never imagined that it would grow into a friendship has spanned over the past 56 years and...

VIDEO: Steve Streatch confirms crosswalk installation for Coach Avenue

FALL RIVER: Councillor Steve Streatch confirmed that HRM will be installing a crosswalk from Coach Avenue to Fletcher Drive across Hwy 2 in Fall River, in an interview on the afternoon of Sept. 25. He...

Hard work pays off for Lockview High’s Ashleigh Marshall

FALL RIVER: It was a phone call Ashleigh Marshall is happy she answered. Marshall was in class last month at Lockview High School in Fall River when her cellphone vibrated. She looked and saw it...
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