Friday, October 19, 2018
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VIDEO: RCMP urge motorists to move over to keep responders safe

ENFIELD: Sgt. Bridgit Leger from East Hants RCMP in Enfield explains why it's imperative that motorists move over and slow down when they see emergency responders with their lights displayed.

VIDEO: Crowd amazed by airplane engine

As the airplane engine fired up, the crowd all gathered around behind the safety line to watch and were amazed as the engine fired up and spun. Most of the crowd had some form of...

VIDEO: Fall River bridge reopens

FALL RIVER: Shortly after 2 p.m. today Aug. 10, crews from Dexter Construction removed the final barriers at the Fall River bridge reopening it almost three days ahead of schedule. The bridge was closed for...

VIDEO: Water project work at bridge on schedule; will reopen Aug. 12

The Fall River bridge will be reopening August 12 as crews are on schedule and on budget for this part of the water project work, says the local councillor. Councillor Steve Streatch even said...
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