Coach Ave. crosswalk to get light

Installation expected between Spring and Fall of this year

FLETCHERS LAKE: The new crosswalk beacon at Coach Avenue has been approved, the local councillor said.

In an interview with The Laker on Feb. 12 at his Fall River office at the Snow Centre, Steve Streatch said the crosswalk light is in the budget for items approved. He isn’t positive when it will be exactly installed, but said staff are working on it.

“I had the chance to bring this topic up- to Transportation staff during budget discussions,” said Streatch. “They assured me that the money is in place for it’s installation of a lighted crosswalk marker at the new crosswalk.”

The crosswalk itself was installed in late 2018 at Coach Avenue and Highway 2 in Fall River. It is across from Fletcher Drive, and is utilized by many local residents, including those from Schwarzwald Heights. Students also use it to walk to school through the Canal trail by Lock 4.

Streatch said the next step is to have it lit.

“There are several standards that exist, there are overhead lights and a new standard introduced in Dartmouth a beacon light,” he said. “Whatever ends up here, I know will fit the needs of the community.”

He indicated that the new light will be installed between Spring and the fall.