FALL RIVER: When patrons go to Chase the Ace every Friday night at the LWF Hall, they can know they’re not only supporting the local football program, but also the Halifax Xplosion women’s football team.

The Xplosion, which consist of many from the Fall River and Beaver Bank areas as well as players who come out and coach Dragons Football teams, have taken over the duties of running the kitchen during the fundraiser.

“We stepped up to take it over so we could raise money for our women’s football team,” said Vera Snook, who plays on the squad. “It’s hard to raise money so we saw this as an opportunity to do that and decided to take it on.”

Shana Hendsbee said the response has been great.

“People love the homemade hamburgers, which has been the best seller,” she said. “I feel the people who do come do really support us and are happy we’re here.”

Tina Wilkinson said the kitchen goes hand-in-hand with people coming out to buy tickets for Chase the Ace.

“They can come and eat here, buy tickets, and not worry about having to go home and cooking supper,” she said.

The Xplosion are the lone NS entry in the Maritime Women’s Football League. They just concluded their 11th season. Players on the team range from 18 to 50-year-olds.

Snook said their operation of the canteen also brings awareness of the team to the wider community.

“It gets our faces out there, we’re out in the community,” she said. “A lot of the people who come here think it’s pretty cool that we play women’s football.”

Hendsbee said they’re all there for the same reason.

“Whether we’re coaching, playing, managing, whether we’re cooking to raise money,” said Hendsbee. “It’s all for the same goal at the end of the day.”