WAVERLEY: The Waverley Legion is grateful for the support of the local councillor.

Ken Mallet, president of the Legion, said the support from Steve Streatch towards the cost of installation of three heating pumps, which were donated is unbelievable.

“Without his support, these would just sit here and not get installed because we don’t have the money to do that,” said Mallett. “With Steve’s help we’re going to get them installed, and hopefully save thousands of dollars on our oil.”

He said right now the Legion is spending $12,000 a year on oil. With the heat pumps, they’re looking at cutting that to half that.

“We really appreciate Steve’s help,” he said. “The Legion is more than just a Legion, it’s a community hall. This will benefit all the community.”

Streatch said it was a ‘no-brainer’ to provide this type of support to the Legion.

“This facility is very important to this community and HRM wants to see it be successful for today and into the future,” said Streatch. “We believe this will help the long-term viability of this Legion.”