Councillors keen on 50 m Aquatics pool

Streatch, Blackburn both supportive of idea; agree it could go in their communities

FALL RIVER: The two local councillors both are keen to the idea of having a 50 metre pool located in their districts, if HRM regional council decides to move forward with Councillor Tony Mancini’s motion.

At regional council on March 21, Mancini was to bring forward a motion asking for a staff report looking at HRM building a 50-metre pool.

Both District 1 Councillor Steve Streatch and District 14 representative Lisa Blackburn are up for discussions on that, with both saying they would welcome the thought of it being built in either of their districts, if that was even part of the thought process.

“I believe that the Waverley-Fall Rover Corridor right up through the Musquodoboit Valley is a very important part of Greater Halifax,” said Streatch. “We should have every opportunity that other communities have. I would be more than supportive of bringing an aquatics facility somewhere to this Corridor.

“It doesn’t seem fair that a lot of these major facilities continually go towards the urban core. I think if we’re going to practice what we preach, then HRM needs to start reaching out into some of our more suburban and rural communities and investing in infrastructure and opportunities for young people closer to home in this area as well.”

He said some of the upgrades being done in the area will allow for opportunities for these types of facilities.

“I’ll be making a case that we need to spread out and start bringing opportunities to the more suburban areas, especially in the Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley,” said Streatch.

Blackburn said she would be up for the possibility of having the aquatic pool in her riding.

“I think the staff report will figure where best to put such a pool,” she said, noting Sackville already has a substantial pool at the Sackville Sports Stadium.

She said the recent fire at the Sports Stadium brought to light that HRM is lacking in aquatic services.

“If one pool goes down the whole system is in trouble,” she said, “so I would definitely support Tony’s request for a staff report.

“If that seems to suggest that Sackville or Beaver Bank would be a good place for it, than I’m on board for it.”

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