Dream come true for Fall River’s Firth

Soccer player first local player signing with new Halifax Wanderers soccer club

Scott Firth of Fall River has signed with the Halifax Wanderers. He is the first local player who has agreed to a contract with the Canadian Premier League team. (Submitted photo)

FALL RIVER: If anyone needs to have a secret kept, Scott Firth might be the person.

Firth, of Fall River, had to keep mum on news that he was signing with the newly created Canadian Premier League, his hometown Halifax Wanderers. But he had to keep the news quiet from friends and family who were questioning him left, right, and center about his post-high school plans.

“I think we handled the responsibility of keeping the news quiet pretty well,” said Firth, a Lockview High student. “Once the day of my announcement came around it was a big relief because finally my future was public and I can answer peoples’ various questions.”

He knows how massive the opportunity is with the Wanderers.

Playing professional soccer is something I have dreamed of but for that possibility in my home town of all places is unbelievable,” he said.

Firth is positive his game will improve with the squad and the wealth of knowledge and experience both by the coaches and players around me. He can’t wait for the season to start. Halifax’s first home game is scheduled for May 4.

He is soaking in the excitement and buzz of being the first local player signed by the Wanderers, who will play their home games at Wanderers Grounds in Halifax.

“Being the first local singing is so cool because I can really experience the passion from the supporters around Halifax and all of the connections that these fans could have with me being born and raised in the area,” said Firth. “The atmosphere towards the team around Halifax is amazing and I can tell that when game day comes, The Wanderers Grounds will be the place to be.”

So does Firth feel any extra pressure being the first local player signed by the Wanders? Nope, none at all.

“Although I am the only local player so far, I don’t see any added pressure other than the opportunity to prove that Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada does have talent on the field,” said Firth. “If anything I see this as a bonus because the fans will be supporting “the local boy” and I can imagine I will get pretty well known around town. Hopefully I won’t become too much of a celebrity.”

The Wanderers have since signed local goalkeeper Christian Oxner from the Saint Mary’s Huskies.