WINDSOR JUNCTION: Ada Tuttle hopes winning the 2018 Women’s Active Youth Trendsetter award for umpiring with the LWF Minor Baseball Association will get more young girls thinking about becoming involved.

The Windsor Junction youngster, who attends GP Vanier in Fall River, said she’s honoured that someone thought she was worthy of the award.

VIDEO: Ada Tuttle talks about what the award means

The Women Active Trendsetters Awards recognize those who change culture, attitudes, programs, and systems to enrich the lives of all women and girls as participants and leaders in sport, recreation, and physical activity. The Youth Trendsetter Award recognizes a young woman in Nova Scotia who has made a significant contribution to women and girls in physical activity, sport, or recreation in the province.

“I was surprised to learn I was the winner. I didn’t know LWF Baseball nominated me,” said Ada.

She enjoyed the interesting keynote speech by Maggie MacDonell, the Million Dollar teacher from Wolfville.

“We got to listen to her and then she presented me the award,” she said. “It was a really great experience.”

Winning the award has had some surprises, too. She has been put into contact with well-known female umpire Emma Charlesworth-Seiler. Charlesworth-Seiler is one of only two women umpires in the minor leagues .

Ada got started as an umpire when she asked why all her officials were boys.

“I was confused why there weren’t any female umpires and was told it was because no one had signed up,” she said with a smile. “I always thought it was something you were picked to do.”

“I’m surprised there are so few girls umpiring ball. It really shouldn’t be any harder for girls than boys to get involved. I hope more girls do it.”

She wanted to let girls and women know there is an all-female umpiring clinic coming up at Bicentennial High School in Dartmouth. It will take place April 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ada has been an LWF Baseball umpire for three years and is preparing for the upcoming season. She enjoys being the home plate umpire over being base ump.

“Being an umpire has helped me be more confident having to stand up for the calls I make,” she said.

Why does she like to be plate ump making the strike and balls calls over out calls from the bases?

“You’re more engaged in the game and have to pay more attention,” answered Ada. “You have to make all of the calls through all of the pitches. Base ump is fun too.”

She said she doesn’t generally get much of a reaction from the coaches on teams when they see that she is a girl. She did have a message for the coaches though.

“I would like them to call me blue or ump,” said Ada.

Ada has one goal she plans to continue to work towards for LWF Minor Baseball.

“I want more girls in umpiring,” she said. “I want more people to have this opportunity.”