Excited and ready for TKD Worlds

Paula Brachvogel and Andrea Creighton heading to Netherlands as part of Canadian contingent

FALL RIVER: Excitement and nerves.

That’s how two members of Fall River Taekwon-Do (FRTKD) describe how they’re feeling as they prepare to head off to compete on the big stage known as the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) world championships, that are being held Sept. 25-Oct. 1 in Barneveld, Netherlands.

Paula Brachvogel and Andrea Creighton will be representing FRTKD on the Canadian contingent competing at the worlds. They have been training for quite sometime and feel prepared for what lays ahead. They will be competing in Patterns and Sparring.

Andrea Creighton (left) and Paula Brachvogel will be representing Fall River Taekwon-Do (FRTKD) at the upcoming ITF Worlds in Netherlands beginning Sept. 25 and running until Oct. 1. (Healey photo)

“I think we’re ready,” said Brachvogel during a break at a FRTKD night at St. Thomas Anglican Church. “We’ve been practicing a lot.”

Even though Creighton has attended past worlds—this will be her third—she said she is nervous.

“It’s a huge stage,” she said. “This one is even bigger then the last one. It’s something new.”

Brachvogel has been to a Canadian World Cup, so going to a worlds will mark her first time there.

“This is definitely new to me,” she said. “I’m excited to take it on.”

She said Creighton has been helpful in advice as the duo prepare to head off, even if Creighton is humble in saying she hasn’t given Brachvogel much advice.

Right after a competition in Italy, they heard that ITF Worlds would be held in the Netherlands, and at that time they decided they wanted to go.

“We set our minds on it,” said Brachvogel.

Creighton said the two are very much the same.

“Paula pushes me just as much as I push her,” she said. “I think we’re a really good team.”

Brachvogel said it’s an honour and a privilege to get to go to the worlds.

“We feel a little bit of pressure, no one is putting it on us, it’s self-invoked pressure,” said Creighton.

The two have high expectations for the competition.

“Gold, 100 per cent,” said Brachvogel without hesitation. “If we’re in the same division, gold and silver would be great.

“I want to do well and feel good about it, regardless of the outcome.”

Creighton said no matter the result its a great achievement for FRTKD to have two members compete at the worlds.