FLETCHERS LAKE: Ellen Rudderham wanted to do something to make everyone at Holland Road School feel welcome.

The Miller Lake West girl spoke to two friends, Gabby Allen and Nate Hollett about her idea to make a friendship tree and thus allow their fellow students to post notes of good deeds done by other students on it. Both Gabby and Nate thought the idea was great.

Next was to approach Holland Road Principal Carol-Anne Larade with their idea to get her approval. She thought it was such a wonderful idea, and before they knew it was up along the wall in the hallway. Complete with artistic drawing of a squirrel by Rudderham.

It quickly filled, and as of Feb. 12 it’s also overflowing with all the good deeds that students are being recognized for at the school by their peers.

“We wanted to do a friendship tree so we could put stick notes of acts of kindness on it,” said Ellen. “We made the shape of the tree and I put cute little critters on it.”

For every act of kindness, a heart-shaped note was posted on the tree.

“Now it’s overflowing,” she said.

Gabby said Ellen came and asked her and then Nate came on board. She said it wasn’t easy to get it created.

“It took us a lot to build it and make it to what it is,” said Gabby. “Ellen made the squirrel and Nate worked on the cutting of the tree which he did really well on.”

Larade said the tree has had an impact of students.

“They said to me they are getting ideas on how to be kind,” said Larade.

Nate said he thought it would help for everyone to see all the acts of kindness.

“I thought it was a nice idea so I started helping,” he said. “I didn’t think it was going to turn out this good, but it did.”

The reaction has been all positive from their schoolmates.

“Kids are walking by it in amazement,” said Ellen. “When we went to go to the buses after posting it was already getting notes on it.”

The three say there are some acts of kindness posted that make their little hearts melt.

“We want to fill it up by the end of February,” said Ellen.

If the notes on it already are any indication, that won’t be a problem.