Hines a Team Myles ambassador for Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

Nola Hines is a Team Myles Ambassador. (FB Photo)

FLETCHERS LAKE: Nola Hines is looking to do her best this May as she tackles the 10 kilometre portion of the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon through Halifax and Dartmouth.

Hines is an ambassador with Team Myles for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, scheduled for May 18-20 in Halifax. She applied through her employer, BoyneClarke who is the new title sponsor of the 15 kilometre run.

“Because they have that, they were allowed to submit someone for Team Myles,” explained Hines. “We had an email go out at the office. There was more than one or two who entered so we had to put our names in for a draw and my name was drawn.”

The Fletchers Lake resident, who grew up in Grand Lake, will be raising money for a charity component. Her charity is Children’s Wish Foundation of N.S.

She said a full schedule is done up on training, which is done in groups on Wednesday and Sundays in Halifax.

“We train all together,” said Hines.

The team members have access to a physiotherapist, mentors, and training coach’s. They’re broken into smaller groups of four for each mentor.

“The mentors are people who have run the marathon in the past or have been involved with Team Miles in previous years,” she said. “That’s going to be really cool because they have the experience and know what’s going on.

“They’re always there to encourage you.”

The Citadel Hill climb as part of the training for the Marathon 10k. (FB Photo)

She said she’s got eight or nine weeks to get to where she will feel comfortable doing the 10k.

“I’m excited, but kind of nervous,” said Hines. “It should be fun.”

Hines has enjoyed the training so far and the camaraderie among the participants.

“I love that they gave us a calendar with all the training outlined,” she said. “They really have it setup so you cannot fail as long as you follow what they have put in.”

She really likes the running aspects, something she used to do beforehand.

“With structure fires happening, it’s really showing that I’m not doing enough to keep my fitness up,” said Hines, a volunteer firefighter at Station 42 in Wellington. “I needed to do something, and this just fell into my inbox. So if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.”

She is hoping people will cheer her on at the 10k race.

“It never hurts to cheer anybody on,” she said. “It helps a lot.”

Hines hopes to have her fundraising page up shortly.