Joyful Sounds youth star at recitals

These youth were Director’s Award winners from Joyful Sounds recitals. Left to right are: Aiden McIver; Maisie Killeen; Andrew Stilwell; Emily Peacock; and Dannie MacFarlane. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Student performers at Joyful Sounds starred at their five recitals, held at Ivany Campus Theatre and St. Rose of Lima in Fall River on June 3.

Each recital featured students aged 7-16 on a variety of instruments and voice, such as piano, guitar, fiddle, drums, and ukulele.

Throughout each recital there were breaks for awards given to students for their participation in the Kiwanis Music Festival, their achievements in our Musical Olympics, and finally the highest awards in two categories: The Budding Musician Awards and Director’s Awards.

Megan Burke was one of the Budding Musician Award winners. The Budding Musician Award is handed out to first-year student who shows the greatest improvement and dedication to music.

“I didn’t know how to react! I didn’t think I had heard it right when they called my name,” said Burke. “I panicked and held my breath the whole time I played.”

Josiah Schofield said he was hoping he would get his Budding Musician Award because he had a top three finish in the Ultimate Olympics.

“Next year I’m going to keep practicing and keep playing trumpet because I want to make it to the top three Olympians again,” he said.

Sam Sharpe was another Budding Musician winner.

“I didn’t expect to win an award because I just started this year,” he said.

Aiden McIver and Andrew Stilwell were both Director Award winners. The Director’s Awards are given by each instructor to the senior student who has been dedicated and working hard all year.

“It was pretty cool to win the award because I’ve been working hard at singing while playing guitar,” said Stilwell. “It was a really good recital because there were different levels of students so you could hear what you sound like as you progress.”

McIver said he has awards for MVP in soccer, and the Directors Award will go right next to it in his “man cave.”