WINDSOR JUNCTION: A revised application for a proposed development on Ingram Drive in Windsor Junction is being worked on.

Councillor Steve Streatch said he was contacted by the proponents and their consultants a few weeks ago.

“They have indicated to me they have gone back to the drawing board,” said Streatch. “They said to me they would be bringing something forward very soon for the communities information purposes.”

Streatch said the proponent will then schedule a public information meeting to make their presentation.

In their initial proposal, which didn’t appease to local residents, there was a component including self-storage facility. That has now been abandoned, according to Streatch.

“They have abandoned the storage component, which was controversial, and have brought forward a plan that is more in keeping with the nature of the community,” said Streatch. “My understanding is that it is more of a townhouse approach rather than a high-rise approach.”