Phillips ready to tend goal for N.S. U16

FALL RIVER: It’s a humid Friday late in the afternoon in August. I’m off to interview Lucy Phillips in Fall River about being named to the Under-16 female hockey team for Team Nova Scotia at the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

But this is going to be an interview of a different kind. I’m going to gear up — wearing everything from the jewel protection to goalie pads, jersey, neck protector, mask and all the other important goaltending gear and get a short lesson on how to be a goalie from Phillips.

VIDEO: Pat takes to the goal crease

While I’m all geared up, I’m also going to interview Phillips before she makes me look silly in net (at least that’s what I was thinking).

Phillips, who will be attending Lockview High School this September, said she’s happy with the accomplishment of making the team.

“I’m really looking forward to the future of what comes of this,” she said. “It means a lot to represent your province. I’m really excited to play with all of these girls and go to Moncton with them.”

Reporter Pat Healey interviews Lucy Phillips of Fall River before she gave him some lessons on goal tending. The Fall River girl has been named to the U16 N.S. team for the Atlantic Challenge Cup. (Healey photo)

While at the tryout camp in Antigonish, Phillips — along with a few others — came down with a flu at the worst possible time. However, she prevailed, knocking it out and showing the coaching staff she could fight through that and still give it her all.

“I knew I had to put in everything I had in my body,” she said. “Being sick showed that I can still perform at my best even if I’m not 100 per cent healthy.”

VIDEO: Lucy talks about making U16

Phillips has attended one tryout with the new Dartmouth female midget hockey league team in the NSFMHL as an underage player. She was invited as one of the two underage players to move on to the next tryout.

She said since being announced to the team she’s tried to take her hockey a bit more seriously.

“I need to show them I made it for a reason,” said Phillips.

VIDEO: Pat is told he needs a lot more training

Now it was time for me to see what it’s like to play goal. Lucy gave me some lessons, how to make saves while in gear having never done it. I made some pretty impressive saves, too. But do I have enough to take the job away from two other local goalies?

“You need some more training,” laughed Lucy when asked.

Oh darn, guess I’ll have to keep doing this reporter gig for a bit longer.

Reporter Pat Healey makes a nice save during his goalie lesson with Lucy Phillips. (Gary Phillips photo)