MILLER LAKE WEST: Scotian Materials will be seeking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for its Goffs quarry, near Miller Lake West, the company confirmed to The Laker on March 23.

Company President Rob MacPherson said they intend to file for the EIA to expand operations at its quarry in Goffs, just outside Fall River. Currently, they did not need that as they are under four hectares.

“Review of the results of the EIA, which will be completed by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment, will determine if expansion is appropriate, the extent of the expansion, and where the expansion should take place,” said MacPherson in a statement.

Since 2017, Scotian Materials has been working closely with the Goffs Quarry Community Liaison Committee, which is made up of representatives and stakeholders from the community. Through regular committee meetings, Scotian Materials has shared the results of activities, monitoring reports of current operations, and plans for the future

“The Committee will continue to provide valuable input that will help shape the format of public engagement with the community,” he said.

MacPherson said the company will be holding a public session for members of the community, stakeholders, and interested parties this spring.

“Scotian Materials takes its responsibility as a member of the community seriously, and continues to be committed to a transparent process, abiding by current rules and regulations,” said MacPherson.

The report of Scotian Materials first seeking to register the quarry for an Environmental Assessment was first posted on the Stop the Fall River Quarry Facebook page. That post said the company had plans to expand the quarry to ten times it’s currently approved under-four hectares site.

MLA Bill Horne said that the company made him aware of their plans of moving forward with registering an Environmental Impact Assessment for the quarry. In an email to The Laker, Horne said he plans to meet with MacPherson, however no date has yet been set.