Stop the Quarry group urging concerns to be filed

Residents pushing for a public hearing before Environmental Assessment Board


MILLER LAKE WEST: The group against the Fall River quarry wants a public hearing before the Environmental Assessment Board to relay their concerns as part of the expansion process for Scotian Materials.

In a post on their Facebook and emailed letter to those on their list, the group indicates that Scotian Materials has registered an Environmental Assessment as part of their plans to expand the quarry, located near Miller Lake West/Goffs. The plan is to expand it to 100 acres (41 hectares). The request took place Aug. 7.

The group said public input will be accepted by NS Environment until September 6.

“We encourage everyone to participate in this opportunity, as the proponent has submitted the very few comments from their Open House,” said the group in the email.

The link to the EA site is

“As a preliminary action all concerned citizens should send a request to Minster Margaret Miller and Premier Stephen McNeil requesting a public hearing on this expansion in front of the Environmental Assessment Board,” said the group in the email. “Due to the sensitivity of the site, its close proximity to the pipeline and Highway 102, and also due to the controversy tied to this project, it would make very good sense for the province to favour this option.

“If Scotian has nothing to hide, they should also welcome this opportunity.”

One of the group’s concerns is that Scotian Materials held its public sessions prior to the registration of the project.

“Members of the public did not have a proper opportunity to review the registration documents and therefore an ability to question or enlighten the proponent based on the actual project documents,” said the email and post.

But this is not the only thing the group has to deal with concerning their opposition. They are set to have a Sept. 13 court date as part of their appeal process, with a decision from that not expected for some time.

“The proponent is seeking an approval from the province that will surely be their preemptive strike against any appropriate actions by the province in response to the possibility of fair and appropriate findings in the courts,” said the group.