Streatch feels page has been turned between HRM, LWFRA

Councillor meets with concerned residents about area rate and pre-submitted grant applications

Councillor Steve Streatch (Healey file photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: Councillor Steve Streatch feels a page has been turned in the sometimes adversarial battle between the LWF Ratepayers Association (LWFRA) and HRM’s move to eliminate it’s grants program.

The representative for Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley said in an interview on June 28 at his Fall River office in the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre that after having some discussions with residents and a member of the WJCC volunteer board, he sees progress being made.

“I believe we have turned a page,” Streatch said. “I’m hopeful as we move forward, good things will come not only for the WJCC, but also the larger communities of Lakeview, Windsor Junction, and Fall River.”

He said he met with several residents who had concerns as it relates to what happens next with regards to the area rate; the WJCC; and the pre-submitted grant applications under the old system.

“I made it clear today that any grants that have been entertained by the LWFRA will be honoured,” he said. “There is no intent to make this punitive. In other words, we’re not going to go back and claw-back any surplus that exists.

“Any surplus that has been amassed over the past few years is still within the LWFRA’s purview to bring to North West Community Council for approval.”

The close to $70,000 that the LWFRA has as a surplus is there for dispersal in its grants program this year; however the motion that was passed at regional council speaks to the future, he said.

Streatch brought up the possibility of returning to just one board.

“Quite frankly, it might be time that instead of having two separate boards, it’s time to have one board,” said Streatch. “Instead of having to go through the ratepayers association, who in turn just gives the cheque to the WJCC, maybe we should form just one board and that would be the authoritative body that would receive these funds.”