FALL RIVER: The Fall River bridge is set to reopen on August 12, says Councillor Steve Streatch.

Streatch said there was a slight chance it could reopen before that date, however, it was more likely to reopen on the date Dexter Construction has had since the get go. The bridge was closed while crews worked on either side as part of the water project.

“As far as progress, things are in very good shape,” said Streatch. “I met with staff from Halifax Water, Dexter, and HRM. The project is on schedule and on budget.”

(Healey photo)

He said he was given assurances of the Aug. 12 reopening for the bridge.

“There’s a slight chance it could be a day or two prior to that,” he said. “It will be open for sure on Aug. 12.”

Streatch said he wasn’t quite sure the number of the 200 homes in the vicinity of where the water is have decided to hook up.

“Once the project is finished, people will have to make their decision at that time,” he said. “The provision will be there and people will have the opportunity to connect, and if they do connect they will pay for the water the same as any other water user.”

He said most businesses along Highway 2 from Sobeys to Inn on the Lake are going to take advantage of water being there.

“I understand it’s roughly in the 60-65 per cent range who have said yes to hooking up to water, but as we all know with projects like this in the past, in a year or two you’re closer to the vast majority at 80-85 per cent hooked up,” said Streatch.