Streatch pushing to have roads fixed


FALL RIVER: The local councillor said he shares residents’ concerns when it comes to the state of the roads along Lockview Road from construction for the Fall River water project.

Steve Streatch reiterated he wants the roads repaved before the school year begins next month. He met with HRM, Halifax Water, and Dexter Construction earlier in the day August 8 as they discussed the project, including working to find a balance with regards to restoring the roads impacted as a result of the tearing up and laying of water pipe.

“There is a component to this project that includes bringing the roads back to Red Book standard, which is something that HRM adheres to on all highways,” said Streatch. “These roads will be brought back to that standard.

“I’m pushing to have as much shave and pave, in other words brand new hard top, on as much of the road as possible.”

He said he would especially like to see the part of the new active transportation from the Snow Centre to the trail on Lockview Road fully repaved.