Streatch would support commuter rail if it “makes sense”

Councillor Steve Streatch. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: If it “makes sense” the local councillor said he will support commuter rail, and bringing it to Windsor Junction.

Councillor Steve Streatch was responding to a question from The Laker about commuter rail and what his response would be should the Integrated Mobility Plan—expected to be released in the first week of December—indicated that it would be a good option for the municipality.

“If in fact staff and the rail company brings forward something that makes sense not only for our community, but for greater Halifax, then of course it would be incumbent upon me as the representative to support that,” said Streatch last month. “We don’t want to unduly burden the taxpayers. This has to be something, for the most party, to stand on its own feet without significant subsidization.

“Any transit system requires subsidization in the form of tax dollars, and I would expect this would be no different.”

He agreed it has been a topic that has been filling councillors email inboxes.

“Commuter rail has been something that many of us have wanted to look at as an option,” he said. “Right now there are discussions going on in the background between staff and the rail lines and private individuals to have that included for council’s consideration in the near future.

“Obviously there will be a significant amount of money involved and it would be my hope that the federal government would see fit to consider this under a future infrastructure funding program. Those questions remain to be answered.”