Temporary solution found for WCA funding

HRM will provide bridge financing so they can work to get permanent fix in place

Steve Streatch said a solution has been found for funding the WCA. (Healey photo)

WAVERLEY: A solution has been found to keep the Waverley Community Association (WCA) funded for the coming year.

The WCA, which operates and runs as a non-profit organization and oversees the Waverley Heritage Museum, faced having no funding after HRM announced they were axing their service rate.

Since that news became public, HRM met with WCA and talked about ways they could come up with solutions, a resolution that could get them by this year at least to give them time to work on something more permanent.

HRM has provided roughly $20,000 annually to the WCA and those funds are distributed through the elected volunteer board to things such as renovation to the museum; accessible washroom installed; lighting; pathways.

But all that was about to disappear because paperwork couldn’t be located.

The issue all stems from the sale of the Heritage Museum building in 2011. It’s a mistake that is completely on HRM, councillor Steve Streatch said previously in taking responsibility for it.

In a Feb. 11 interview, Streatch said he has been kept apprised of the situation by HRM staff.

“Nobody wants to see an organization as important as the WCA or the associated Heritage Museum to suffer,” he said. “My understanding is that staff and the WCA volunteers have come to a solution that will get them over this temporary hurdle, and then we’ll be working with them to put the proper paperwork in place to setup a proper management agreement. Bridge financing will be put in place for this year.”

He said this isn’t uncommon for others in HRM. He cited the Bicentennial Theatre in Middle Musquodoboit as an example.

“In Waverley you have the Village Green, that is owned by the municipality but the building is owned privately,” he said. “Public money can not go into a private facility without an agreement, or indeed into an HRM owned field governed by a private board without an agreement.”

Streatch said it’s all about making sure the proper documentation is in place for today and the future, “for the betterment of the long-term well being of Waverley and it’s hard working volunteers.”