FALL RIVER: The Fall River water project has completed one of it’s final hurdles—getting the full funding to complete the project.

At regional council on March 20, a motion came forward to deal with the completion of the Fall River water project along Highway 2 to the 102 overpass, despite the provincial government’s denial of funding for Phase 2.

Councillor Steve Streatch said the response of no from the province could have a variety of reasons, including that funding is no longer available through the phase one project funding program, the Clean Water & Wastewater Fund (CWWF).

At council on Tuesday March 20, regional councillors were asked to approve the transfer of $2,381,250 in CWWF from Herring Cove Water Servicing to Fall River Water Servicing, and increase the Local Improvement Charge (LIC) component of the Fall River Water Servicing project by $793,750.

The motion also asked for a budget increase to the water project to the tune of $3.175 million; expand the projects scope, as approved on April 25, to extend water service to adjoining lots along Fall River Road and Highway 2 to the 102 overpass, Lockview Road to Lockview High, McPherson Road, and a portion of Ingram Drive. The total length is 6.6 kilometres.

Councillors unanimously approved the motion, meaning the project will be completed in its full scope.

The water project is expected to be complete sometime this summer.