FALL RIVER: A meeting with one of her student’s dads during a parent-teacher night led Ash Lee Jefferson School teacher Madame Miguelle Legere to making her students somewhat famous.

Madame Legere met Dave Carroll, who is the father of one of her students, Flynn, during the meeting.

“He told me about ‘United Breaks Guitars’ and he also came and presented to the kids and played a music video,” said Legere, who dressed as Elvis Presley in the video. “From there, we talked about making a video.

“We met and figured that Bonjour would be a great song to make the video around.”
She said there were a lot of organizational skills required to be able to make the video.

“The kids, the costumes, getting the parents to send the costumes, getting the kids to do what they did and getting an Olympian to come do flips,” she said. “We filmed the whole day. The hard part was what Dave did after, the editing. We really appreciate his whole efforts in doing that.”

Legere said the video that those at the year-end assembly saw was going to be posted to Carroll’s YouTube channel, where they could become YouTube stars. It was also going to be posted on Alain Le Lait, the song’s author, website.

“They could be stars,” she said.

She said it’s not always easy to find fun stuff to do in French, but the video is just that. Plus it brought educational value.

“Every time we play the song, they dance, they know the song,” she said. “It’s a very energetic song. All the rest of the kids in here knew the main words, so it made it more fun for them.”

There was also a special guest appearance by the Blues Brothers—played by teacher Tim MacDonald and caretaker Rodney Lynch. Their appearances in the video got laughter from all the kids who were quietly seated paying attention as the video played.

“I think it was fun for the kids to see a teacher just all dressed up,” said Legere. “The kids really liked it. I think it was a lot of fun for them.”

The video can be found by going to YouTube and searching for the Sons of Maxwell channel.