FLETCHERS LAKE: When Jocelyn LeBlanc took up ballet dancing seven years ago, she never imagined it would lead her down the road she’s on.

The lanky 12-year-old from Fletchers Lake has just learned she has been accepted into a full year at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) after two auditions — one last November and another in July, which was a month-long. From the July session, that is where she impressed enough to earn the invite.

“I feel like I can go places,” she said. “I’m excited and nervous, but I’m mostly excited to go.

“I feel like going there is a huge opportunity for people, it gives us the extra power, strength, and confidence to know (we) can do something like this.”

VIDEO: Jocelyn gives Pat a ballet lesson

She said she likes ballet because of the various styles and because it can help her strength wise.

LeBlanc, who attended Georges P. Vanier Junior High last year, said going to RWB will allow her to get better. She’s been doing ballet since she was four.

“I’m going to be able to become a really strong dancer and when I come home, if I decide to compete at auditions I’m going to be even more strong,” she said.

She spoke about how the opportunity came about, saying the ballet only selected certain people from the November audition for the summer program, and she was one. She spent a month in Winnipeg, and that’s where she was selected to go to the full session.

LeBlanc made a pros and cons list of going or not going.

“When I was there I thought I didn’t want to go but then I made the list,” she said. “I realized there’s more excitement to going than staying at home.”

VIDEO: Jocelyn talks about the opportunity with RWB

In between talking about the opportunity, she gave me some lessons on ballet. That video can be seen on our website.

LeBlanc did admit to some butterflies for what is to come. She leaves Sept. 4.

“I’m a little bit nervous for what’s ahead and being homesick, but other than that I’m really excited to go,” said LeBlanc.

This is an opportunity for her to join the ballet itself, where she could eventually become part of the touring ballet.

From the ballet moves she taught me, I think she will have no problem at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as she continues on her journey.