Blackburn talks traffic at Windgate/Beaver Bank Road

Lisa Blackburn takes a selfie with some of the BBK students in 2016. (Healey file photo)

BEAVER BANK: What happens to curtail the heavy traffic load at Windgate Drive and Beaver Bank Road is all dependent on the outcome of HRM’s Integrated Mobility Plan.

Lisa Blackburn, the councillor for Middle/Upper Sackville-Lucasville-Beaver Bank, said one possibility for the busy intersection is a roundabout, which has been discussed online as a rumour. There is wiring in place for traffic lights for quite sometime.

“If this section of the track is not part of any Commuter Rail plan,” said Blackburn on a nice, late October day. “Let’s look at some options for controlling the traffic at this intersection.”

She said it’s her understanding that power has already been installed and p0repped for traffic lights.

“I think we have to look at whether lights are the proper way of controlling traffic at this intersection,” she said. “Would a roundabout be as effective, if not more effective?

“Certainly roundabouts are becoming more popular in HRM. I’ve seen how they can effectively move traffic. Perhaps that needs to be part of the conversation.”