WAVERLEY: It was a golden haul for athletes from Cheema representing the country and province at the second event of the Canada Cup, held July 7-9 in Shawinigan, Que.

Winning gold with Team Canada as a senior paddlers were: Marshall Hughes (K4, 500-metres and 1,000 metres); Tom Hall (IC4, 1,000 metre); and Craig Spence (IC4, 200 metre).

Hughes also won silver in K4, 200m and bronze in K2, 1,000m. Spence also picked up silver medals in both C1, 1,000m and IC4, 1,000m. Hall picked up silver medals in C1, 200m and C2, 200 m, and a bronze medal in C2, 1,000m.

Representing Canada in the Under-17 races, Matt Sampson earned silver in U18 IC4, 1,000m, while Sloan MacKenzie earned two gold and three bronze medals. She earned gold in U18 IC4, 200m and U16 C4, 500m, and bronze medals in U18 C1, 500m; U16 C1, 500 m and U16, 200m.

The event included competitors from Australia; Mexico; the U.S.; Team Ontario; Team Quebec; and club teams from Ontario and Quebec.

Leading the charge for the provincial team representing Nova Scotia, were Cheema’s Kady Leard, Rebecca Sampson, and Mark Wiseman. Josh Nowen also competed.

Leard earned gold in K4, 200m and silver in K4, 500m, while Sampson brought home gold in U18 IC4, 200m; U16 C4, 500m; and U16 C2, 500m.

Wiseman brought home a silver medal in the IC4, 200m; and bronze in IC4, 1,000m.