Community support non-existent for Ingram Drive development

Jay Cameron stands in front of the property where a proposed development is scheduled to go on Ingram Drive in Windsor Junction. (Healey file photo)

FALL RIVER: A once failed development proposal is back, after being re-designed by developers.

During a Public Information Session held at the Gordon R. Snow Centre in Fall River, the discussion of a proposed development on Ingram Drive proved a hot topic, as more than 100 residents were in attendance. The mixed-used proposal now includes 22 townhomes and two 60 unit apartment buildings.

The first proposal from W.M. Fares, which was turned down in April 2016, was ultimately denied because of CN’s denial of a crossing of the tracks over to the Cobequid Road.

Now, the development proposal has only one throughway, through Ingram Drive.

Developers removed the commercial aspect of their development, which once included office space and a self storage space. The new proposal includes 22 townhomes, and two 60-unit buildings, which has changed from

There was no denying the tone of the meeting, as tensions were high, with most in attendance being completely against the proposal, siting traffic concerns as the reason.

Local resident Jay Cameron brought up the points of traffic up to city planners.

“All of the traffic has to be on the existing roadways,” he said.

Not only does Cameron feel the traffic will be an issue, he’s also concerned with the saturation of the community as a whole.

“Our schools are full, the roads are full of traffic, and the doctors office isn’t accepting anymore patients,” he said. “ Complete the cul de sac with single family homes and put that density somewhere it makes more sense.

Approximately 400 residents also wrote letters, opposing the development, which were presented to District 1 Councillor Steve Streatch.

The proposed development was given approval at the regional council level to be able to hold the information session, and will now proceed to present in at council for final decision.