Councillor responds to playground query

BEAVER BANK: The councillor for Beaver Bank says she has heard some of the concerns about the new playground at Beaver Bank-Kinsac Elementary School.

One parent told The Laker that despite word it would be an inclusive and accessible playground, as had been said at an announcement late in the last school year, it is not that at all.

Middle/Upper Sackville-Lucasville-Beaver Bank councillor Lisa Blackburn commented on it.

“This was a project that Park Planning worked in conjunction with the school principal and vice principal in coming up with a design,” said Blackburn. “Once the design was in place, it was the school that actually chose the equipment which included the accessible components.”

She said the project is being cost shared by HRM, the province (the Department of Health and Wellness), and school fundraising.

Blackburn said accessible features include a free-standing Abacus Reach Panel and Vehicle Reach Panel, plus a ground level Counter Panel.

“An accessible asphalt pathway will be installed in the spring,” she said.