FALL RIVER: With plenty of lakes surrounding Fall River, it would only be natural to be able to access it. But currently that’s not possible for everyone.

Unless you live next to the lake or are part of the local ratepayers association and can use the beach at the Windsor Junction Community Centre (WJCC), your limited as to the beach access you have. However, a proposal being looked into by staff with the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) may soon make that a thing of the past.

At a recent regional council meeting, councillors unanimously passed a motion to have staff investigate the possibility of having beach access behind the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre, something that delighted Councillor Barry Dalrymple, the representative for Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley.

“I think from reading the report and all the discussions I’ve had in the eight years I have been on council on the community centre, the lack of things for the public and the need for beach access,” he said. “We have nothing but lakes and rivers here, and virtually no access. It has been a long ask and struggle.

“It was a very exciting day. This was one of my most sought after projects. It ties into so many things that we have all done in this community.”

Dalrymple said what was approved is floating docks to come out behind the Snow Centre; a park area, clearing of the under brush and open the area between the waterfront and the parking lot; and improving the access road to get canoes and kayaks as well as paddle boats down to the lake.

“The motion also includes the further investigation of the swimming possibilities,” he said.

“We know the shore line is rough, and the first bit of the waterway is rocky. It’s not like other areas in this district. I don’t think that will bother people, especially if we put in some docks and ramps so people can swim.”

Another part of the motion includes imposing gates at the top of the Snow Centre that will be gated off at closing time and thus thwart the vandalism and late night noise that has impacted the neighbours for the past few years.

Dalrymple sees only benefits to getting beach access at the Snow Centre.

“It’s a good thing in every way you can think of,” said Dalrymple. “I know I’ve spoken to the Lions Club about them putting in a playground like the Lions did in Enfield if this project would go through.

“The possibilities are endless if we get access to be able to have beach access.”