“Don’t keep community hanging”

Councillor disappointed Fall River quarry application has “still incomplete” status

MILLER LAKE WEST: The local councillor is voicing his displeasure at Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) for continuing to not take action on the Fall River quarry application from Scotian Materials.

Steve Streatch was speaking on March 17 after being asked to comment on the third application from the proponent Scotian Materials, which according to NSE remains incomplete. Members of the Stop the Fall River Quarry group also wonder why NSE hasn’t acted on the application, allowing it to remain in its incomplete status for such a long time.

“I am disappointed we have not had a resolution to the decision by NSE as it relates to the Fall River Quarry,” he told The Laker on March 17. “A year-and-a-half has past and I believe the frustration level in the community has done nothing but grow.

Councillor Steve Streatch is disappointed with Fall River quarry application has “still incomplete” status. (Healey photo)

“The application process not being dealt with by the provincial regulator is a disservice not only to the company, but indeed the community at large.”

Streatch had a message for NSE.

“If you’re going to approve it, approve it,” he said. “If you’re not, then say so. Don’t keep the community hanging.”

He would like action taken.

“I would encourage NSE bring forward a decision as soon as possible,” said Streatch.