FALL RIVER: The Fall River Dragons football association are now the official owners of the Seniors Friendly Centre on Fall River Road.

That authorization came about with a unanimous vote in agreement with a motion by Councillor Steve Streatch following a short public hearing at HRM Regional Council on Nov. 14. HRM staff was recommending that council approve the purchase of the building, which hosts many community groups including the weekly Saturday Night Jam sessions.

On Nov. 16, sitting inside “his new office” Ian Avery was still glowing at being able to purchase the building and keep it in the community’s hands. He said he had heard that there was a local developer eyeing the land if no one from the community stepped up to buy it for two condos, so the association did.

“We’re pretty excited about it,” said Avery.

Dragons football now has a new, spacious location to store all of it’s football gear—the old Schoolhouse on Fall River Road, which they just were approved to purchase from HRM. (Healey photo)

He said they will be changing its name to be known as what many locals refer to it as – The Old Schoolhouse.

Avery said the football association will utilize the building to store it’s plethora of football gear and equipment and a place where the coaches can do chalk talk with their players, especially on those nights of inclement rainy weather. It will remain in use for the current community organizations that make use of it now, he said.

“We’ve always struggled, in our 15 years, of having a place to store our gear or host events,” Avery, who is into his seventh year with Dragons football, said. “What this means is that we have a base of operations, or a clubhouse, where we can store our gear; our coaches can have meetings, where we can work on stuff on rain nights, and do work with the kids in the classroom saving them from getting wet.

“Overall, this is huge step forward for the association. We now have a permanent place to call home.”