A firefighter watches over a live burn during training recently. (Healey file photo)

BEAVER BANK: There were 64 calls for services paged out to volunteer firefighters in the Fall River, Waverley, Wellington, Grand Lake, and Beaver Bank area during the month of April.

That number was led by 22 calls to Station 41 (Waverley), followed by Station 45 (Fall River) with 13.

At Station 41, seven of their calls they were cancelled on scene, while they were called out for four illegal burns. There was also five medical assists; two medical – assist EHS; while they responded to one motor vehicle collision; one brush, grass fire; one appliance fire;and had one services not required call.

Station 42 (Wellington) responded to seven calls in the month of April, led by two medical assists and two medical- assist EHS calls. They also were paged out for one chimney fire; one investigation call; and had one cancelled on scene call.

For Station 43 (Grand Lake) they had four calls, with one of each for a rail fire; brush/grass fire; a motor vehicle collision; and a medical assist.

Station 45 responded to 13 calls, led by nine medical assists. They also had two motor vehicle collision calls; one services not required call; and one structure fire.

This station is a career station manned Monday to Friday by career volunteer firefighters from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

For Station 47 (Goffs) they were called out for eight service requests, led by three motor vehicle collisions. They also had calls for one fire alarm activation; one industrial accident; one insufficient data call; one cancelled on scene call; and one services not required call.

Station 48 in Beaver Bank had 10 calls during the month of April serving the residents of their community. This included six medical assists; one open garbage fire call; two brush/grass fires; and one medical – assist EHS call.