Golden month for Cheema athletes

WAVERLEY: It was a golden month of race action for athletes from Cheema Aquatic Centre in Waverley.

Between six athletes they brought home 11 medals, six of them gold from the Pan Am Canoe/Sprint Kayak championships, held on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, and at Olympic Hopes.

Michelle Russell of Fall River earned two gold; Marshal Hughes had a gold and a silver; Craig Spence came home with a gold; in the Pan Am Junior categories Mason Koch had a silver and bronze; while Cam LeDrew snagged himself two championship gold medals.

At the Olympic Hopes competition, S;loan MacKenize captured tow silver medals.

Russell’s golds came in K-1, 500 metres and K-4, 500 metres; Hughes won his gold in K-4, 500 metres; silver in K-4, 1,000 metres; and a sixth in K-2, 1,000 metres.

Spence won gold in C-2, 500 metres; and was fourth in C-1, 1,000 metres.

LeDrew won gold in K-2, 1,000 metres and K-4, 500 metres.

Koch took silver in C-4, 500 metres and bronze in C-2, 200 metres.

Meanwhile at Olympic Hopes, MacKenzie snagged silver medals in both C-2, 500 metres and C-1, 200 metres.