Horne “disappointed” with Streatch’s water project ask

MLA Bill Horne is disappointed with local councillor Steve Streatch. (Healey photos)

FALL RIVER: The local MLA said he is not impressed with the latest move on the Fall River water project by the local councillor.

Councillor Steve Streatch made a motion with an amendment at a recent HRM council session that will see HRM contribute $119,000 Local Improvement Charge (LIC) for it’s two properties along Fall River Road, with an amendment being that part of old Fall River Village be added to the project alongside Highway 2 to the Hwy. 102 overpass.

That addition is what didn’t sit well with MLA Bill Horne, he said, given he has not had any meeting with Streatch on this. Or what area would be better suited to be included in the ask.

“I’m disappointed I haven’t been speaking to Steve about it in the first place,” said Horne on Nov. 6. “We could come up with an argument that 200 homes on old Fall River Village should have water.”

He said he spoke with MP Darrell Samson on Nov. 6, and he too wasn’t even aware of the motion which was passed by council. Horne said Streatch did send out a letter letting them know of what he brought forward.

“If it’s coming to the province I’m sure I can have a point where I can speak to it,” he said. “Steve and I should really talk.

“There are probably other places that need water more, so I’ve been told already.”

Streatch did reiterate in his interview with The Laker the ask for old Fall River Village is a wish-list item, and that getting funding to do the water along Highway 2 is the priority.

Horne said the province—and Municipal Affairs Minister Derek Mombourquette—is aware of the need for the province’s support to send it to the federal government to get water down Highway 2 to the overpass. He said he would support it.

“I will push it for water on Highway 2,” he said, “I’m just not sure, in my own mind, whether the old Fall River Village ask is valid. We’ll try to come to a conclusion on that in the next few weeks.”

When Horne was asked if it was strange or odd for the local councillor to not keep the local MLA and MP abreast—given that they are the main funding contributors for such a large infrastructure investment—Horne didn’t say yes or no.

“We all work in mysterious ways some times,” said Horne. “We should be able to meet and talk about it before it’s publicized and a motion passed at HRM.”