“Irresponsible” to cut Beaver Bank transit route: Blackburn

Councillor Lisa Blackburn (Healey file photo)

BEAVER BANK: The possibility that transit in Beaver Bank will be ending at Kinsac Road, while the ridership is increasing from that area doesn’t seem right to Councillor Lisa Blackburn.

In a Jan. 17 interview, Blackburn told The Laker she recently met with HRM staff to voice concerns from residents about the transit service coming to an end. She is perturbed the service will be halted, given that the ridership from those there and up to Ivy Meadows utilize it.

Those ridership numbers show that 10 per cent of the riders are those from 1.5 kilometres from Kinsac Road up to North Beaver Bank and Ivy Meadows, said Blackburn.

“I met with a concerned citizen who is worried about the route 400 changing, with the plan as it stands now when the express bus comes in and bus 400 becomes bus 89 and 189 at peak times when it’s an express bus,” said Blackburn. “The route will cease at Kinsac Road. That is not only a huge concern for this resident, but also for me.”

She said the most recent numbers show ridership going up

“If ridership is increasing, then why are we cutting it?” asked Blackburn. “There was a time when the initial Moving Together Plan was being put together, it was tanking as a route, and of course it would make sense.

“Since then though, ridership has only increased.”

Blackburn said it would only make common sense to keep it going.

“It’s not like its 20 miles of road that the bus would have to cover, it’s just a small portion of route,” she said. “It’s an important section of route that keeps residents and staff of Ivy Meadows connected to the rest of the municipality.

“I think it would be irresponsible to cut it.”

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