To the Editor:

In response to the comments written by Alan Joyce on behalf of the “Fall River Seniors Housing Group” regarding the development of the Baker/Carr Farm property.

It disappoints and saddens me to think, in Mr. Joyce’s opinion and consequently also the opinions of the seniors he represents, that being a senior makes one irresponsible enough to dispose of out-dated pharmaceuticals by flushing down the toilet. Perhaps the group of seniors Mr. Joyce represents, are more responsible.

As far as potential traffic issues on Fall River Road are concerned, in my opinion, will be dealt with in due time, as the need arises, and will no doubt be the financial responsibility of the tax payers.

The consideration of a site near Sobeys and condos built at the Inn on the Lake site would present a great deal more traffic on the #2 Highway, which is already nearing maximum congestion during peak travel hours. Who pays for upgrading #2?

I would like to close by saying Fall River will always be home, regardless of where I am physically living.

Trusting our Councillors and MP’s will recognize the urgency for Seniors Affordable Housing in the Fall River area and move forward toward a final approval for this site in question, so that development and construction can begin in the near future.


Ruth Oulton

President of the Friendly Group of Seniors Citizens

Fall River