BEAVER BANK: If you’ve driven Beaver Bank Road the past couple of weeks, then Haley and Mylee Pothier’s cute little faces are familiar to you.

The two — Haley, seven-and-a-half-years-old, and Mylee,five, — along with mom Jennifer have set up at the lot near Barrett Lumber to sell the homemade dog treats, with all the monies they received going to Hope for Wildlife to help the animals they rescue and care for.

Haley and Mylee had raised $1,000 and then the demand kicked into high gear after they appeared on CTV where they were awarded the Maritimer of the Month and CBC did a story on the two.

Since then, there’s been lots of baking of the treats in the Pothier’s kitchen to keep up with the demand. The tally now stands at $2,000-plus as of Aug. 2.

“We wanted to help Hope (Swinimer, founder of Hope for Wildlife), because she inspired us,” said Haley. “She’s helping the animals and we wanted to help her too.”

Mylee said she wanted to do the dog treats so they could help the sick animals get the medications they need to be better.

The dog treat ingredients include: coconut oil, oatmeal, peanut butter, a pinch of flour and bananas. The two might be set up one or two more times.

How does it make them feel?

“It fills my heart,” said Haley. “It makes us feel good.”

There has been a lot of support for the girls. Some even bought the treats for their cats.

“Lots of people wanted to buy dog treats to help us,” said Haley.

She believes that Hope will be amazed at what they’ve done.

What’s the best part of selling them when they are setup? Those buying usually have their four-legged best friend with them.

“They bring their dogs with them, and I like to meet them,” she said.

The two Beaver Bank Monarch School students will be getting to meet Hope Swinimer, founder of Hope for Wildlife, on Aug. 21 where they will present her with the cheque for the monies they raised.

You can find them on Facebook by searching for “Haley and Mylee’s Mission for Hope for Wildlife.”