OP-ED: Answers will come from N.S. tragedy in due time

This opinion piece is shared with permission from David Fletcher of Lantz.

The tragic situation in Nova Scotia is still unfolding.

It is now the largest crime scene investigation in Canadian history, save, perhaps, the Air India bomb.

For those of you that are demanding all the answers on the third day of the investigation, get over yourselves. The RCMP are looking at millions (literally) pieces of evidence, including social media, web-cams, hundreds of spent rounds, dozens of arson-based crime scenes, perimeter reviews, logistics, background, witnesses, countless rumours, and their own internal procedures.

You won’t get answers, today, tomorrow or the next day.

I appreciate the media and their persistent questions, but I respect the process. Of course I question the use of the provincial emergency notification system, and sooner or later, somebody is going to say, “on reflection, we could have done more regarding our communication with the public.” Get over it.

Let them do their work, and honour the way they stopped the most egregious shooting spree in Canadian history in 12 hours.

It took over an hour and a half to end the Texas school tower shooting (the usual first mass shooting on record) where they knew where the shooter was and …. do I really need to say this? … only 14 people died.

We don’t deserve the answers until the investigation is at least well under way if not completed. Honour the dead with your sympathy, pray for the affected with your grace.

And now that you know that there is evil in the world, consider your capacity to love others.

  • David Fletcher