Jay Cameron stands in front of the property where a proposed development is scheduled to go on Ingram Drive in Windsor Junction. (Healey file photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: A proposed development set for the Windsor Junction end of Ingram Drive isn’t sitting well with residents, who feel their neighbourhood will become a traffic thoroughfare if it goes ahead.

WM Fares Group, on behalf of Perry Lake Developments, is proposing to enter into a development agreement to permit the development of: three multiple unit residential dwellings (with a total height of three storeys), consisting of 116 residential units in total; a commercial building which will accommodate commercial and office uses (a 3,982 square foot commercial building which will house a take-restaurant and office space); and a self-storage facility, which would be 13,961 square feet.

Jay Cameron is one of the concerned residents. He saw the brush being cut away in the Spring, but when he was made aware of the proposed development after seeing it posted on the HRM’s planning website, he was shocked at the scope of the proposal.

“This type of development fundamentally deviates from the established structure of the subdivision,” said Cameron. “Not only the substantial increase in residential and non-residential vehicle traffic, but it also invites commercial traffic to come into the subdivision.

“My experience with storage facilities is that traffic consists of larger moving vehicles, 24 hours a days. I’m fearful an Ingram Dr. throughway will be used as a short cut around Windsor Junction to Fall River Rd, especially when the trains are running.”

He said he looked over the traffic impact statement attached to the plan, and isn’t impressed it focuses on Cobequid Rd.

“I feel the impact on Fall River Village roadways needs to be considered in any traffic studies,” he said. “I strongly question why this development calls for a throughway from Cobequid Rd. to Ingram Dr.”

Cameron said when he purchased his property he joined the governing covenant in place and the first bullet in that covenant was that only single family dwellings may exist in the area covered.

“I’m interested to know if those lots at the end of Ingram Dr. were covered by a similar covenant, as my property is close to the proposed development and the area was all developed during the same time frame,” he said.

A sign informing residents of the proposed development at the property at the Windsor Junction end of Ingram Drive. (Healey photo)
A sign informing residents of the proposed development at the property at the Windsor Junction end of Ingram Drive. (Healey photo)

Tricia Horsman is another concerned resident that isn’t sold on there being any commercial development in a strictly residential neighbourhood.

“116 residential units using a neighbourhood potentially to access these buildings would be dangerous on a road already prone to excessive speeds (Ingram Dr) and traffic,” said Horsman.

She said there is a trail system that connects to an road which allows access to McDonald Sports Park. She’s worried any development would mean a lose of access to that trail, forcing people to drive several kilometres to access the park.

“Our community is so lacking in trail/active transportation opportunities already,” she said.

Cameron said he’s not against development and believes apartment and small business can exist in the LWF (Lakeview-Windsor Junction-Fall River) area without affecting the prevalent level of tranquility within any established subdivisions.

“In this case I feel access to Ingram Dr. is the wrong move here for the community and it will create many issues that once in play, will substantially lower the prevailing level of comfort and safety that has existed within Fall River Village for the last 40 years,” said Cameron.

A public meeting will be schedule to inform residents of the plans and provide an opportunity for them voice their issues to the HRM planner and developer. No date for this has been set yet.