Refrain from posting crash details online: RCMP

Families of two killed in Wellington crash find out through posts on Social Media

(RCMP file photo)

FLETCHERS LAKE: The RCMP are asking people to think before they post photos, videos, or details of serious motor vehicle collisions on Social Media after families of loved ones killed have found out that way.

At two recent fatal collisions—one on Highway 2 in Wellington on June 10 and one in the Noel area recently—family members of those involved found out it was their loved one through crash scene photos, videos and car details posted online.

It’s not okay for that to happen that way, said Halifax District RCMP spokesman Cpl. Dal Hutchinson said. There were posts of the car descriptions made on East Hants Wants To Know, which is how the 87-year-old man’s family found out of their loved one’s death. The descriptions were eventually deleted, but not before family members saw and became worried and concerned.

“For family to learn this way is unacceptable,” said Cpl. Hutchinson.

In Noel, photos of the serious collision where a well-known man in the community died were posted, even some by a Halifax media outlet.

He said people need to put themselves in the shoes of those loved ones of people injured or seriously hurt in collisions and not share photos or details about them on social media. It’s good to make people aware of traffic delays and where collisions are, but nothing identifying.

“Allow the first responders to do their jobs,” he said. “Part of that job is to contact family members of those loved ones.”