Restoring a part of history at Lock 4

SCC General Manager Doug Conrad and Councillor Steve Streatch stand down at the bottom of the portage area as Lock 4 sits behind the two in Fletchers Lake. (Healey photo)

FLETCHERS LAKE: A part of Nova Scotia’s history in Fletchers Lake has been restored by the Shubenacadie Canal Commission (SCC), with the assistance of the local councillor.

During a tour of the area on Nov. 22, SCC’s general manager Doug Conrad showed Steve Streatch and The Laker the work that was recently done to fix up areas that had eroded away at Lock 4 off Fletcher Drive.

Councillor Steve Streatch speaks with Shubie Canal Commission GM Doug Conrad at Lock 4 on Nov. 22. Conrad gave Streatch a tour of the recently completed project that restored the lock. (Healey photo)

Conrad said crews were on site for about 10 days working on one side. But they quickly realized, after doing some cleanup, there was evidence of erosion on the other side of the wall.

“We decided while the equipment was here to fix that side too,” said Conrad. “Hopefully, this has stabilized it where it’s not all going to fall in.

“We recognized that it was deteriorating rapidly. If we didn’t do something it was going to go south quickly.”

He said the work was persevering history.

“But it also looks way better,” he said. “It was a big pile of rock and full of weeds before. Now you can see the view-plane right down through.”

Conrad said the plan is to install a few interpretive panels and cut some trees down.

He said without the $3,000 donated from Streatch and HRM they likely could not have done the project.

“It was half of the original project and there was some ACOA funding as well,” said Conrad.

Streatch was impressed by the work by the SCC, including that at Lock 4.

“I think it’s important that historical sites like this are protected not only from the elements but vandalism,” he said. “I look forward to assisting with signage and advisories to remind the public of that.

“The small contribution HRM made towards the project was something I was pleased to bring forward.”