Those at the 25 year time capsule reveal sift through some of the throngs of items and letters that were placed in it 25 years ago. (Healey photo)

BEAVER BANK: History was unveiled bringing back a flood of memories to the many that gathered for the 25-year time capsule revealing on a soggy Canada Day in Beaver Bank.

Frank Davis with the time capsule tube. (Healey photo)

A group of hearty onlookers watched, umbrellas overhead mostly keeping them dry, as two men, including Frank Davis who built the monument where the time capsule was stored, worked away at loosing the piece of the monument that had the time capsule behind as heavy rains came down. The time capsule revealing drew people from across HRM and further away to Beaver Bank.

As each hit from the tool they were using loosened and made the cover move, there was great anticipation from young and old alike. After a few tries, at last it loosened, and then Davis pulled out the time capsule tube, filled with memories of yesteryear.

There were many pieces of letters, newspaper clippings, and information from Beaver Bank circa 1992. One of the more ironic pieces of history was part of a Grade 4 project for students at Beaver Bank-Kinsac School. The student said that in 25 years there would be TVs in our phones—and there are.

“The grade 4 project on what they thought Canada was going to be like in 25 years,” said Councillor Lisa Blackburn, who emceed the unveiling. “That little guy that talked about phones with little TV screens, man he nailed it. That was awesome.

“I found the real estate listings incredibly interesting, and loved the heartfelt messages from some of the community members.”

Starting the work to open the time capsule in the monument. (Healey photo)

She said people were excited to see what was in the time capsule.

“A lot of folks here still have family connection, and if they didn’t have that they certainly remembered teachers names,” she said. “I even recognized some of the teachers and principals names. A lot of the family names of people who were leaders in the community 25 years ago, a lot of their family are very involved in the community.”

“It’s really cool they thought of stuff like that way back,” she said. “It’s all very interesting. I haven’t seen anything yet of my own, but I hope to.”

Councillor Lisa Blackburn reads off the letter about phones having TVs in them that was among the items put in the Beaver Bank time capsule 25 years ago, as people next to her smile knowing that has come true. (Healey photo)

“We had some idea from some of the older people in the community of what was in there,” said West. “There’s a lot of stuff that we were told were there that was. It was fun opening it up.”

Blackburn agreed it was a fun exercise for the community.

“It’s a great way to find out where we’ve been and to think about where we want to go,” she said. “I’m glad that they did it 25 years ago and happy we’re going to continue the tradition.”