Scotia Soccer, Sackville joining forces

FALL RIVER: Two area soccer clubs, Scotia Soccer and Sackville United Soccer, have reunited to form one club under a new name.

The two clubs were together as Scotia Olympics Soccer Club but went their separate ways some 15 years ago, are joining back as one under the moniker Central Football Club.

In a release, the CFC will have the players on the field for the start of the 2018 summer season. The Club plays in the Suburban district and form the Tier 2 and the “Prospects” divisions for Suburban Football Club who are the district’s Tier 1 team.

“The respective club boards recognized there was a constant battle to remain competitive in the district but at the same time offer soccer programs that were both affordable and fun,” a release said. “It was decided that instead of competing with each other it made more sense to combine and build on our strengths while working on our weaknesses.”

The Club crest incorporates the “lion rampant” that was a part of the Scotia crest, the SUSA crest and is a part of the Suburban FC crest.

“We are using this to tie the three clubs together, in addition the club colours will incorporate the Blue of Scotia and the Orange of Sackville,” the release continued. “The desire is to build a love of the game from an early age with community-based teams receiving excellent programming delivered by certified and competent staff at competitive prices.”

The release said the support of the combined membership bringing the venture to fruition, and they believe their players and club will continue to grow and prosper.

The club will be carrying on the very popular and successful annual “Bruce Wagner” tournament.

There will be a presentation evening for the unveiling of the new club is scheduled for March 5. Please check their website, for further information.