Speed reduced: Crosswalk finally installed on Hwy 2 by Coach Ave.

Work crews will be onsite at Coach Ave. to Holland Rd. from May 25-27. (Healey file photo)

FLETCHERS LAKE: There are more than a few residents in the Schwarzwald subdivision and Highway 2 in Fletchers Lake who are smiling ear-to-ear these days—and for good reason.

After putting some pressure on the local councillor, Steve Streatch—coupled with an effective petition from a young boy named Jack Lerner—a new crosswalk, along with a speed reduction became official last week. There are plans for the crosswalk to include a light standard of sorts, but what that will look like all depends on the HRM budget discussions in the Spring.

Three students walk across the new crosswalk on their way home from school. (Submitted photo)

On Oct. 10, the lines for the new crosswalk on the right-hand side of Coach Avenue going across Highway 2 to Fletcher Drive was painted and put in place. Those who were seen using it that afternoon were thrilled to see it in place, and said it was desperately needed.

Before the crosswalk was painted, a local resident volunteered her time to ensure the kids that utilize it can do so safely. Many students who attend Lockview High do cross there. She wears a safety vest in doing so.

A week before, the new 60 kilometres and hour speed signs were posted—one just after the Sobeys as you come from Fall River towards Wellington and one across from 3631 Highway 2 as you come from Wellington towards Fall River.

Councillor Steve Streatch said he plans to have HRM staff install a crosswalk light standard in 2019 and that it will be on the table for inclusion in the budget.

The new speed sign for the area along Highway 2 as you head towards Fall River from Fletchers Lake. The zone begins just past Sobeys as you head towards Holland Road. (Healey photo)