Sabrina Muise of Grand Lake, Crystal Yeo of Waverley, Tanya DeVenne of Enfield, and Corrinne Thompson (not pictured) of Grand Lake have formed a team to partake in Storm the Mountain. (Healey photo)

GRAND LAKE: Keeping active is why four women from the Grand Lake/Waverley/Enfield area have taken the plunge and joined forces to participate in Storm the Mountain, a fundraiser for the Ground Search and Rescue team in Pugwash.

Storm the Mountain takes place in the Wentworth Mountain, nestled within the Cobequid Hills and can be described as a diverse and mature mixture of hardwood and softwood trees among numerous peaks and valleys, according to the event’s description on its website. It includes a vast network of 25 kilometre-plus trails, combined with open forest provides almost limited hiking/snow shoeing and cross-country skiing options.

There are two race time events consisting of four hours or eight hours for the Feb. 4 event in Wentworth. The storm date is Feb. 5.

Sabrina Muise of Grand Lake; Tanya DeVenne of Enfield; Crystal Yeo of Waverley; and Corinne Thompson of Grand Lake have formed a team. They even have a team name “Hwy 2 Hell Yeah.”

“For me it’s a personal challenge, and if I can challenge myself and have my friends there with me, the more the merrier,” said Yeo. “As women at this age, it’s really important to keep active. The weather’s not going away, might as well enjoy it.”

DeVenne said it’s a way to challenge themselves as none have done any orienteering before.

“It’s an opportunity to do something new,” she said.

Muise said knowing she will be taking part and getting ready for the event has made her enjoy winter more than she has ever before.

DeVenne has low key expectations for the event.

“We expect to have fun, have a lot of laughs, and be really tired at the end of the day,” she said.

“I think my expectation is to learn a new skill, meet new people, and finish so we can say we did it,” added Yeo.

Now with the team focusing on the unknowns that lay ahead, why did they come up with “Hwy 2 Hell Yeah: as their team name?

“It’s all about the attitude that we can do it,” said DeVenne. “We’re 40ish and just the fact that us four women have no experience whatsoever in this kind of activity, it’s “Hell Yeah” we can do it.”

“It’s definitely has a little bit of attitude in there,” added Yeo, who said they are looking for more people.

For more information about Storm the Mountain, check out their website here.