A traffic control personnel stands by the ‘Street Closed’ sign at Fall River Road and Lockview Road. It is closed for two weeks for the water project work. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Roads where digging occurred as part of the Fall River water project will indeed be repaired once the water project itself is completed.

But until then, residents are being asked for patience by Coun. Steve Streatch.

“Asphalt paving on all disturbed roads will be brought back to standards, when construction is completed,” said Streatch in a Twitter message to reporter Pat Healey. “Some will be completely repaved, others will be patched accordingly.”

He said that staff from Halifax Water and HRM are in discussions with Dexter Construction, the contractor, to finalize those details.

“Keep in mind that the more asphalt that is used, the higher the costs, which will have upward pressure on the Local Improvement Charge budget,” he said.

On social media, many people were complaining about the state of Lockview Road and Fall River Road as crews move on to work at the bridge and then Highway 2, and were worried they would remain in that state. There was also concern that HRM 3-1-1 dispatchers may have been informing residents they would not be repaved, which was not true by any means, said Streatch.

The LIC sits at $11,500 across the board for those along Fall River Road, Lockview Road to the high school, Ingram Drive end by Fall River Road, and Highway 2 to Inn on the Lake even if they aren’t hooking up to it.

“HRM has contracted the Water Commission to complete the job on the Municipalities behalf,” said Streatch. “The Commission, in turn, accepted the tender from Dexters to do the work.

“Ultimately they are jointly responsible to deliver substantial completion.”

Streatch is working on finding out more information on the paving, including a timeline, and will pass it along to residents when he knows.