Everyone is offended by everything these days and I think it’s about time we all start to suck it up, because guess what … frankly, there are very few people who give a hoot about your ‘feelings’. Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes.

The argument in favour of political correctness has become far too relevant these days, it seems as though you are not allowed to speak on certain topics without considering whether or not what is about to come out of your mouth is going to be considered ‘politically correct’. But how are we supposed to figure out a definite answer to a question like this when the answer is entirely subjective?

Thats right, ‘political correctness’, is entirely subjective. There is no formal differentiation between what is politically correct and what is not — and I don’t think you’d want there to be a definite answer, or you’d be living under some sort of dictatorship, it’s oppressive.

You cannot argue in favour of free speech and political correctness simultaneously. If you want everything to be politically correct you’re going to have to allow someone to step in and draw these lines for you of whats OK and what isn’t. And then, you’re probably going to have to alter your dictated beliefs of what is politically correct when the next dictator takes over — so say good bye to your own opinions forever.

If you’re going to be offended choose something that is worth it, stand for it and don’t hide under this fictitious guise of political correctness, because it doesn’t exist.

If you are the person that offended someone use it as an opportunity, not to suppress your own views that were deemed offensive, but to open up the floor to a conversation between people with opposing views and create a little more understanding in the world.

Conversations are much more useful than demanding disingenuous apologies from people to make up for the fact that you’ve been ‘offended’. What is that really doing besides stroking your own ego? It seems overtly narcissistic to demand an apology instead of being open minded and taking the time to consider an opinion that may oppose your own.

Remember next time you demand an apology from someone who has maybe ‘offended’ you, that what they’re actually saying when they apologize is something along the lines of:

“I’m sorry your skin is so thin it’s almost translucent,” or “I’m sorry you have zero emotional control,” because when it’s requirement, it’s not genuine.

Being offended is an inevitable part of living in a democratic society, and you should be damn thankful for the fact that people are allowed to have so many different opinions that there could be some you don’t like.

So stop being bothered by everything— no one is reading your internet rants; there are no laws to protect your sensitivities; pull up those grown up pants, let yourself be happy and move along.

If you are going to allow yourself to be offended by everything you’re never going to grow as a human being, you’re never going to expand your horizons, or understand other people or cultures or religions; you’re going to live in your ignorant, sensitive, bubble that is going to get popped over and over again, dropping you back to a reality where you being offended doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself.

Nicole Gnazdowsky