FALL RIVER: A unique Easter Egg Hunt returns this March—but at a new location.

The annual Vegetorium Country Farm Market Easter Egg Hunt is set for Easter Weekend, March 31, at the trails behind the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre in Fall River. It will begin at 10 a.m. Storm date is April 1 at 2 p.m.

It’s not your typical Easter Egg hunt as the treasure that is to be found is actually nature’s candy, not the chocolate filled kind. Hidden among the trails are 10, 000 colored eggs to be traded in for the corresponding fruit.

Each participant is looking for 12 eggs, two of each of the following colors: two red eggs to be traded in for two valley apples; two blue eggs to be traded in for two dishes of local wild blueberries; two yellow eggs to be traded in for two bananas; two purple eggs to be traded in for two bags of grapes; and two orange eggs to be traded in for 2 oranges 2 green eggs to be traded in for two pears.

When you arrive at the park please pick up your guide to help you remember what you are looking for. After you have found your eggs, please come to the tables located at the gazebo at the start of the trails. Please return the plastic eggs and we will reward you with your bag of beautiful, amazing fruit!

Organizers say the Easter Bunny will also be hopping around the trails excited for big hugs and pictures as well as to share one of their favorite treats~ baby carrots! Yum!

Tickets are $10 each.

For every ticket sold The Vegetorium Country Farm Market will be donating a 10 lb bag of valley potatoes to the Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.

Each ticket purchased receives one fruit bag, pre-filled with each of the 12 pieces of fruit. There are no age minimum’s or age limits. It is up to each family’s discretion to decide how many tickets to purchase based on the number of fruit bags they require.