VIDEO: Pat learns to be a goalie- sort of

FALL RIVER: On Friday Aug. 3, Reporter Pat Healey strapped on the goalie pads–and all the gear that comes with it–to learn a bit about being a goalie from Lucy Phillips.

Phillips is a goalie with a long resume–and a champion to boot–and has just been named to the U-16 N.S. female hockey team for the Atlantic Challenge Cup set for this fall in Moncton.

Lucy took some time out of her day to shoot some pucks, talk about what it means to have made the team, and well make Pat sweat it out on a very humid day with the goalie gear on.

She thinks Pat will need more training before he has any chance at going anywhere but the minor, minor, minor, minor leagues. Pat thinks he will keep his day job and leave goaltending to Lucy.

Look for a story on Lucy and her accomplishments online later this week and in the September Laker.

Reporter Pat Healey makes a stop on Lucy Phillips during his lesson on being a goaltender. (Photo by Gary Phillips)