WJCC, Lions Xmas Express team up

The Lions Christmas Express and WJCC are joining forces this winter during the food drive. The WJCC will serve as the spot where food boxes will be dropped off, packaged, and picked up. Here the volunteers who were on hand at a sight look pose for a photo. (Healey photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: Two volunteer community groups in the Fall River and Windsor Junction area are partnering to make Christmas brighter for those less fortunate.

The Lions Christmas Express who run the food drive in the community for close to 105 families and the Windsor Junction Community Centre have come together to help each other out.

The WJCC, which has a spacious room in its facility will be used as the base of operations and food drop-off/packaging/ and pickup location for the food boxes from the Lions Christmas Express.

It’s a perfect fit for both say Colleen Menard-Tuttle with the WJCC and Lions Christmas Express chairwoman Stephanie Dube.

“We heard they needed a space and the WJCC was looking to partner up with like-minded organizations,” said Tuttle-Menard. “We thought this would be a great match.”

Dube agreed.

“I’m so excited to be here because it’s such an important part of our community,” said Dube. “The space and people are wonderful. It’s going to be a great year.”

She said the bigger room will make it easier for the volunteers to pack boxes, which is set to take place on Dec. 13 this year.

“It’ll make a big difference as we’ll have more room to move around and communicate with each other,” she said. “It’s a community-building event.”

Tuttle-Menard said the WJCC is excited about this opportunity.

“We’re thrilled to find another organization that can use our building in the winter,” she said. “And the Lions Christmas Express fits that to a tee.”